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Dex Hannon Art

Carving Her Way Through The Dance Floor

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Oil on Canvas, 2020
81x81x5 cm (32x32x2 inch)

The multilayers of warm and cold colours as well as the lines that are almost raked on the canvas are evoking the passionate reaction from the hoarse voice of Nick Cave. The juxtaposition of bold colours and more specifically,  the red and white,  along with the several layers of paint, not only convey depth within the painting, but also create a sense of intensity and thickness same as human emotions.

Carving Her Way Through The Dance Floor is a visual interpretation of the song 'John Finns Wife' by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, from the album Henry's Dream. The track is an intense, devilish tale of infidelity and murder, which with the singer’s rich use of visual language is a perfect inspiration to paint to.

The music flew around the brush and into my fingers as I was painting.