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Dex Hannon Art

Deconstructed Dreams


It started as a geometric sketch on the train to London

Emerging from a geometric sketch on a train journey to London, this artwork marks a transformative juncture in my artistic exploration. It represents the deconstruction of the digital artwork, 'We All Burn Bright Until We Clip Our Own Wings', which itself is a digital remix of the painting, 'I Clipped my own Wings and Fell Through the Earth'.

This piece seamlessly blends the geometric abstract styles of the Chaos Agri-Culture series with the groundbreaking concept of the expanded series. Ideas transcend linear progression and instead breathe, expand, and contract. It embodies the harmonious fusion of past and future, culminating in an artistic expression of the present moment.

Limited Edition of 25, this exclusive artwork is available as stretched canvas, Giclee print or Aluminium dibond.

Contact me directly for further details or visit my store to secure this exquisite piece of art.

60cm x 80cm (23.6 x 31.2 inches)