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Dex Hannon Art

We Are In The Chaos and The Flies Don’t Give A Damn


Original Art printed on canvas or Hahnemuhle paper
60x60x4 cm (23.6x23.6x1.5 inch)

This is the digital remix of my painting, 'Flick the Switch - We're in Chaos.'

There is something exciting about the remix, something new created from something old. A re-imagining. A different concept or style is created. But it is never free of its past. It owes everything to the original work. The concept for the painting was a cry for help. Humanity is self destructing. We need to turn it all off before we wipe ourselves out.

As I was working on the painting, a housefly landed on the painting and I realised, no other creature cares about anything we care about. We are unimportant to the fly.  Just another surface to land on.

Limited edition of 10
Signed and numbered by the artist