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Dex Hannon Art


£40.00 - £50.00

Hand signed and numbered.
Printed on Somerset Photo 300 gsm - Matt Smooth
Somerset Photo is a professional fine art paper made at St Cuthberts Mill in Somerset.

The dandelion seed head, once dormant and seemingly lifeless, now awakens from its slumber. Tiny strands of white fluff, known as pappus, stretch and unfurl, each one cradling a single seed. Delicate filaments carry these seeds, poised to embark on an adventure carried by the winds of change. It is a testament to nature's ingenuity, as these seeds are built to disperse far and wide, finding fertile ground to germinate and grow.

With each breath of wind, the seeds will break free from their secure hold, gracefully taking flight. Their dance is a ballet of possibilities, as they float and twirl through the air, each seed a potential life waiting to be realized. They travel with hope and determination, embracing the uncertainty of their destination.

Life's offerings are abundant and diverse, and the dandelion seeds embrace this truth. They represent resilience, adaptability, and the audacity to take chances. Each seed carries within it the genetic blueprint of a dandelion, a testament to its heritage and the legacy it seeks to leave behind.