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Dex Hannon Art

Drifting Through Cerebral Sunsets


Acrylic on Canvas - 100cm x 100cm 4cm
(39 2/5 × 39 2/5 in)

Dex Hannon's painting 'Drifting through Cerebral Sunsets' offers a captivating exploration of the interplay between sound and visual expression. Inspired by his alter ego, Skin Vehicles, Hannon masterfully translates the essence of 'Drifting through Cerebral Sunsets' into abstract and expressive brushwork.

This canvas serves as a conduit for the emotive qualities embedded within the music. Through meticulous craftsmanship, Hannon channels the sonic landscape of Skin Vehicles' composition into a visual medium, inviting viewers to engage in a sensory dialogue beyond traditional artistic conventions.

Fluid and dynamic brushstrokes evoke a sense of rhythm and motion, mirroring the ebb and flow of the musical narrative. Subtle shifts in color and texture add depth and nuance, encouraging viewers to contemplate the emotional resonance within the artwork.

'Drifting through Cerebral Sunsets' invites viewers to immerse themselves in a sensory experience, allowing the convergence of sound and sight to evoke contemplation and introspection. By engaging with both the painting and the music it embodies, viewers can unlock new dimensions of understanding and appreciation.

Discover the transformative power of art, where creativity and expression converge to inspire exploration and discovery.

I paint the sounds I hear, sometimes the sounds are created by me under my alter ego, Skin Vehicles this was painted under the influence of a track by Skin Vehicles and ChristineK